MOTORIZED LEVEL 1 AVALANCHE CLASS – January 17th-19th, 2020


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New guidelines by the American Avalanche Association. Fast paced 24 hour class with minimum of 60% of hours on snow. This is a snowmobile/snow bike specific class and we will be traveling to areas by snowmobile or snowbike.  Certified class.

Who? For recreational riders, pros, guides, and search and rescue teams.

Location:  The Last Resort.  14254 Salmon La Sac Rd.  Ronald, WA  509-649-2222

Class content: Class follows new American Avalanche Association guidelines.  Taught by AAA pro member and certified instructor, Mike Duffy.  Covers:  equipment, rescue, nine different types of avalanches, forecasts, stability tests, transceiver, shoveling and probing skills, terrain recognition, terrain traps, route finding, islands of safety, backcountry guidelines, group dynamics, communication, deep burials, multiple burials, observations, contributing factors, using snowmobiles in rescue and much more.

What to do for preparation: Read your transceiver manualPractice single transceiver burial.  Make sure all your gear is ready.  Bring notebook and pen to class.  Would highly recommend getting started in backcountry ascender.  Make notes on questions you have for class.

The riding in class:  We are using Jeep roads, groomed trails and single track to access terrain in class. Will also be getting off trail and up to high elevation.  Have your machines in excellent working order.

What to bring:  Transceiver (3 antenna), shovel, probe, tunnel bag, backpack or airbag pack, sunglasses, multiple pairs of gloves, sunscreen, face protection, survival and first aid gear, hat, food (lunch) and water for in the field, extra layers, head lamp, notebook, pens, pencil, camera.   If you don’t have gear, please let me know and I can supply it.

Dress warmer than expected.  We are out in the elements for long periods of time at or above timberline.  Bring a thermos with hot liquids if it is going to be cold.  We do not cancel for cold weather.

Brochure:  New Avalanche level 1 Class WA F18


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