Highmark by Snowpulse Avalanche Airbags
Highmark Avalanche Airbags are designed specifically for and by snowmobilers. Highmark by Snowpulse utilizes the Snowpulse 3.0 deployment system in all of our avalanche packs. We truly believe this technology to be the most reliable of all avalanche airbag deployment systems.
Highmark by Snowpulse Avalanche Airbags have two avalanche vests (The Highmark Spire LT P.A.S. and the Highmark Charger R.A.S.) and two avalanche backpacks (the Highmark Pro 3.0 and Highmark Ridge 3.0, which is the lightest avalanche airbags available). Highmark by Snowpulse Airbags utilize both the Removable Airbag System (R.A.S.) and Protection Airbags System (P.A.S.).
Highmark Airbags are manufactured to be the most durable avalanche packs on the market. Snowmobilers need tough equipment to withstand the demands of sledding in the mountains.
Our packs are designed to be part of your Avalanche Safety arsenal. Used with the proper tools (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe), professional avalanche training and regular practice, Highmark Avalanche Airbags can help save your life.

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